Motorcycles and Karnaphuli go back all the way to the birth of the company. Karnaphuli was the sole distributer for Yamaha Motorcycles, paving the way and creating a motorcycle industry in Bangladesh. Today, there are thousands motorcycles plying the roads of Bangladesh, all thanks to the initial introduction of the vehicles by Karnaphuli.

Karnaphuli has always been at the forefront of expansion and innovation. Keeping that in mind, Karnaphuli has now teamed up with Haojue Motorcycles. Haojue Holdings, who are the owners of Haojue motorcycles, have an extensive portfolio, with companies such as Suzuki Motorcycles under their ownership. Haojue currently has the highest volume of sales and production of motorcycles in China for the last 14 consecutive years! They also have recently achieved their 12th annual five star consumer rating in China!

Haojue already has an exciting range of motorcycles in Bangladesh. There is already a road map in place for future expansion in the form of full motorcycle production in Bangladesh, something not achieved by any other company here.